Reduce the signs of ageing naturally and effectively with this non-surgical multidimensional treatment.

- Specific facial acupuncture techniques using painless methods
- Traditional Chinese medicine body acupuncture - based on your underlying health conditions and to stimulate blood flow to the face and neck
- Facial and neck massage using hands and a delightfully cooling, contouring Rose Quartz roller - to drain puffiness, boost blood flow and oxygen, increase skin elasticity and relieve facial stress.
- Rejuvenating organic essential oils for your face

These techniques rejuvenate you from the inside out, rebalancing any underlying health issues so you will also benefit from
- Improved sleep
- Healthy digestive system
- Increase in energy levels
- Improvement of menstrual cycles
- Improvement in mood and an overall sense of wellbeing.

Course of Treatment

A minimum of 6 treatments are recommended with packages of 12 being optimum for maintaining long lasting results. Depending on your health conditions and lifestyle prior to starting a course of treatment, effects can be noticeable after one or two treatments.

Treatments are weekly to begin with and can be reduced in frequency according to your health.

Following the initial treatment series, maintenance sessions can prolong results.


- Heart disorders
- Diabetes Mellitus
- High blood pressure
- Pacemaker
- Bleeding or bruising disorders
- During migraine headaches, a cold or flu, an acute herpes outbreak, an acute allergic or asthmatic attack, nausea
- Pregnancy


- Bags/ dark circles under eyes
- Fine line and wrinkles
- Puffiness
- Redness
- Collagen production
- Moisture and elasticity of skin
- Muscle tone
- Tighten and general lifting