’In greatest antiquity, they did not know they had it,
In the next generation they loved and dearly praised it,
In the next generation they feared it,
In the next generation they insulted it.’

Dao De Jing Chapter 17

Traditional Acupuncture is an ancient healthcare system designed to stimulate your body's own capability to heal.  It has been tried, tested, researched and refined over the centuries to give a sound understanding of the complex human body.  By stimulating specific points on your body, you are able to restore balance, free yourself of discomfort and stress and assist your body's natural healing process towards a more centred, healthy, happy you.

- Works on a physical, emotional and mental level
- Is a complete system of medicine and therefore used effectively for most health issues
- Is suitable for males and females, from infancy to adulthood
- Is tailored to your requirements as an individual, rather than your specific symptoms, illness or Western diagnosis.

most Common

- Sleeping difficulties
- Low energy
- Anxiety
- Migraines and headaches
- Stress
- Emotional and physical pain
- Depression
- Dizziness
- Mood swings
- Digestive disorders
- Bladder infections
- Menstrual irregularities
- Sciatica


One acupuncture treatment is useful and effective in an emergency.

A course of six acupuncture sessions is initially recommended to start the healing process. Depending on your current state of health and the symptoms you are experiencing, more or less may be required.

Once you experience a complete relief of symptoms, monthly treatment is suggested to ensure you stay free of pain and discomfort and remain in optimum health.

Ancient medicine and modern science

Ancient and modern science differ greatly with regard to the relative value they place on past and present information.  Ancient science regards information from the distant past to have a stronger inherent value, of prescient status, derived from perceived wisdom and experiences of the ancient people. 

As civilisation progresses, experiences and knowledge move further away from their original source and become dilute and corrupt.  Modern science typically regards information from the past to be outdated and irrelevant and places higher values on information that has just been discovered or in the process of being discovered.