I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a carer and a healer and my intention is to live in harmony, joy, flow, abundance and with trust, whilst remaining true. My experience of life so far has been an unpredictable roller coaster of emotions and feelings, events and challenges, sufferings and ecstasy, observations and learning. My understanding of life and the constructs within which we exist have been created and crushed repeatedly. I have witnessed the dark depths of my own mind and the pure light of our open hearts.

In my modest lifetime I have experienced challenging mental and physical health imbalances which have become the driving force behind my own healing and the desire to help others find freedom from theirs. I am now understanding that I am my own light, my own healer, the director of my own film.

I am a student of life and now know that healing comes from within. The techniques I have been fortunate to study, starting with a Science Honours degree in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in 2001, have sealed my faith in the body's perfect innate ability to heal when given the optimum conditions. As a curious and receptive individual, my path has since included many forms of medicine and healing in a variety of wonderful and interesting places, cultures, countries and continents. I continue to use what I believe, and witness, to be the most effective tools in the box I have, for the person I am supporting.

I am grateful to the loving souls who have shone a light on my path during this journey, my teachers, my mentors, my inspiration, my family and my friends, for your consistent support and belief, thank you from my heart.

Please know that you are welcome to contact me, without any commitment, to see if I can help you meet your wishes.

I believe that medicine must be available to all that desire healing, please contact me to discuss a programme that is affordable for you.

With love

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- Bsc Hons TCM Acupuncture at Westminster, UK
- International TCM Training Programme, China
- ThetaHealing Basic DNA course
- Zero Balancing Core 1 & 2, Alchemy of Touch with founder Dr Fritz Smith
- Diplomas in Swedish Massage, Reiki level 1, Auricular Acupuncture
- Holos First Aid Course
- Shonishin Paediatric Acupuncture with Stephen Birch
- Obstetric Acupuncture with Debra Betts
- Cosmetic Acupuncture with Amanda Shayle, Acuregen


- Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa Resort, Koh Samui, Thailand
- Mianyang Stomatological Hospital, China
- Light Centre, Belgravia, London, UK
- Baby and Me, London, UK
- Fulham Osteopaths, London, UK
- Sussex Medical Chambers, Brighton & Hove, UK
- Kemptown Osteopathic Clinic, Brighton & Hove, UK
- Moov and Sabai Sabai, Koh Tao, Thailand


- Indian heritage
- Expatriate lifestyle and lived in 6 countries by age 14
- Experience of variety of physical and emotional health issues
- Keen yogi from age 19
- Traveller and explorer
- Founder of Living Juices health food café and juice bar in Koh Tao, Thailand
- Passionate about bumps and babies
- Speaker, organiser, supervisor, educator
- Enjoy freediving, scuba diving, rock climbing, walking, dancing, chanting, experimenting in the kitchen, making raw chocolate, entertaining my toddler